Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Hello

long time no see....

I know, completely my fault..and I really don't have any good excuse - except for the period of time we were moving and without internet, but since I can't use that anymore...I got nothin'

So just in case anyone is bothering checking this anymore...

In less than 36 hours, we will be on a plane on it's way to Los Angeles! Fast forward a few hours and we'll be checking into our hotel across the street from....



Oh, and so are the kids, and my parents. We're taking them (my parents) along with us because they have never been, and quite frankly, I'm terrified to attempt a big trip like that  for the first time outnumbered.

So, you won't hear from me again for a while, because I'll be eating churros and giant turkey legs, going on the Haunted Mansion as many times as my kids will let me, trying to get "It's a small world" out of my head, and having a wonderful time at the happiest place on earth!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I'm not so great at this blogging thing...I'm too easily distracted by other things. Like laundry, dishes, dirty diapers, and staring glossy eyed at the TV after the kids finally conk out.

2. Anise and Kaden were having a conversation during dinner last week about Anise's eating habits...which if you know Anise usually consist of sneaking snacks all day, and then not being hungry at dinner, or refusing to eat a particular part of the meal, even if she loves that thing. Anywho, is was chicken she wouldn't touch and she insisted that even though she doesn't like meat (which she does) "I'm not a vegiterrier!!

3. Maggie will be turning 2 on Friday! Um, how did that happen?

 4. I'm so ready to be done residency. Not just because we get to move out of this closet house, and into our house in Lethbridge. Mostly because I can't wait for Sean's schedule to not be so ridiculously insanely busy! And I'm excited to move out of this closet.

5. I'm currently listening to Anise list all the reasons why she hates doing dishes, while she stands at the sink avoiding doing the dishes. #1 on her list: Because they're stupid.

6. Yesterday I made these lemon poppy seed muffins. SO YUMMY! You can get the recipe here

7. It really is a small world. I know this because Sean's sister is getting married to a guy I used to babysit. It makes me feel really old.

8. Despite my ancientness, they did ask me to do their wedding invitations for them. I was a bit nervous because although I can take pictures, I've never really sat down and learned all the ins and outs of "real" photography. So I just winged it, and had fun following them around, and telling them what to do. I think they turned out not to bad if I do say so myself.

This is the formal invitation that most people will get. 

This one they are giving to friends in YSA
9. Kaden competed in his first Kub Kar Rally this month. He was so excited to build and paint his car and race. Our stake even got a fancy new track this year. Kaden had a lot of fun, and made it to the quarter finals. It was so much fun to watch the races, and see all the neat designs the kids came up with.

10. Despite the wet rainy weather, Soccer was on tonight. We got there, and it was a bit drizzly so the coaches gave everyone the option to go home, or stay for a short practice. Every single boy except Kaden went home - what wimps! - so Kaden practiced with the girls tonight. And in the end the rain stopped about 5 minutes in to practice anyway.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm outta here!

We leave for Mexico in less than 58 hours...not than I'm counting or anything.

So it's going to be a while until you hear from me again.

Because I'm leaving my laptop at home.

And turning my phone off.

And I'm going to sit in the sun in a hammock, or beach chair and read.

And snorkel.

And siesta.

And relax. 

With my husband.

For a whole week!

So Happy Easter everyone! I'll see you when I'm back and lobster-fied :-)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I've been MIA because I've been working on our taxes. They're a bit more complicated this year because we're renting out our house in Lethbridge. Not anything really hard, just more forms to fill out and tax mumbo jumbo to decipher. So several 1am nights, and Sean taking a second look at things and we finally got our taxes done and filed! And we get a sweet return too. Last year that's going to happen ;-)

2. The kids have spring break this week. Really weird that it's not coinciding with Easter, but oh well. We've run away to Lethbridge for the week, and Sean is frantically finishing up two projects in a quiet house.

3. Since we've moved into Grandma's house for the week and already ate all the buns, we got up early this morning and made more Grandma buns.Nothing better than fresh hot Grandma Buns!

Mixing the dough

notice Maggie sneaking a taste

guess she doesn't like the taste of flour

rolling out the buns

The dough's good!


4. I read this article last night. What a great reminder of how blessed I am, and how I can improve personally. I sure love you Sean!

5. In 12 more days Sean and I will be leaving for Mexico. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

6. I decided to put both Kaden and Anise in soccer this year. Anise has soccer the same night as Kaden has cubs, so hopefully things don't get too crazy that night.

7. Sometimes I randomly buy a bouquet of flowers. I like having fresh flowers in the house. I think it makes the house happier and brighter.

8. Sean has officially been accepted as a locum in the Lethbridge Emergency Department! Wahooo!

9. I'm trying really hard to live in the present and enjoy it. Which is hard because Sean is so close to being done residency, which means we are so close to moving back to Lethbridge, which means we are so close to having our house back. But I need to enjoy the time we have left in Calgary, because there really are a lot of great things about being there. And even if there wasn't, it's where my husband is, and I would much rather be wherever he is.

10. I'm looking forward to General Conference this weekend. I'm always amazed at how many of the talks are written specifically for me. Truly inspired.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Bet you didn't know we were famous! Last week we had the chance to go to the zoo and see the new penguin exhibit courtesy of Kids up Front. Kids up Front was being spotlighted by Shaw TV, and contacted Student Family Housing for a family that would be willing to be on TV. We got to be that family. Our segment was on the Shaw TV community channel, but is now also posted on  Youtube so the whole world can see!


2.  Kaden was invested into cubs on Wednesday. A bit of a gong show since our ward cub leader has been sick, and the uniforms are still not available. But we decided to go ahead and do it anyway. You could tell Kaden was nervous, but he was excited to get his badges.

3. I have decided that we either need to change Daylight Savings time to Friday so that kids have two days to adjust before school on Monday, or completely do away with it all together. My kids (especially Maggie) are so tired and grumpy!

4. Sean is home! He finished up in Banff, and is doing his next rotation in Pediatric Emergency - which is handy because we can see the Children's hospital from our back window. It's good to have him home and close by :-)

5. I'm singing a duet at our Relief Society's 17th of March party on Thursday. And I'm getting nervous.

6. Last night we were playing Settlers of Catan with Kaden and Anise. Kaden was trying to strike a deal with Sean, and was trying to say "Wood is really popular" but it came out "Wood is really poplar" Hahaha!

7. Maggie loves going outside. Even if it's snowing with 70KM/H wind gusts, as she proved this afternoon

8. I'm going through a bit of a I want to bake spree. I find recipe's I want to try, but often change my mind before I get started because I head into the kitchen and suddenly baking doesn't seem like so much fun :-(

9. Today is my Grandma Frache's 82nd Birthday. She's the one who taught me how to bake, how to quilt and attempted to teach me how to crochet. I wish I was in Lethbridge to give her a hug, but a phone call had to suffice this time. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!

10. I would really like a laptop that works consistently...too bad my birthday is still 6 months away.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Yesterday Anise was crying and upset because she didn't want to be so old. Oh boy.

2. We have a ridiculous amount of snow. And it's snowing again.

3. Sean went skiing at Norquay yesterday (in the ridiculous amount of snow) during his day off. At about 4pm he sent me the following text:

4. Living in Student Family Housing is a bit strange sometimes. I think it's more noticeable to us because we are one of the only Canadian families here. For example, in the summer and early fall Kaden and Anise's friends would come over at 9pm to see if they could play. Yesterday, none of their friends could play because it had snowed.

5. Maggie is one chatty girl. She still "says" a lot that no one can understand, but her vocabulary is getting quite broad. "Bus" "House" "Mouse" (for Mickey Mouse) "Pooh Bear" "Boots" "Shoes" and "Socks" are just a few of her favorite words right now.

6. I'm trying to decide whether to sign both Kaden and Anise up for soccer, or just Kaden.

7. Saturday would have been a great day to go to the science center or zoo because we didn't have anything that needed to get done. Instead we stayed home in our PJ's and made mini donuts. It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

8. I think the kids toys multiply during the night. So does laundry.

9. Sunday is a really rough day for Maggie. We don't start church until 1pm - right when she is used to going down for a nap. By the time nursery rolls around, she is so tired she's loopy and can't/won't sit still. Makes it a bit hard for the nursery leaders (one of which is me), especially during lesson time. The last two weeks she's fallen asleep in her highchair before really eating any dinner. Poor girl.

10. I'm off to make a heating pad using the tutorial I found here

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I booked our trip to Mexico!! So excited!!!!!

2. Kaden has been in cubs (which he loves) for 5 months and he still doesn't have a uniform because the new ones are back ordered

3.Me: Kaden, can you please help Maggie untie her cape
Kaden: No, I can't.
Me: It's just in a bow. You can untie those
Kaden: No. I don't know how
Me: Then how do you untie your shoes
Kaden: I just wait for them to come untied themselves

4.The house Sean is staying in during his Banff  rotation is BEAUTIFUL! Heated hardwood floors. Granite counter tops. 3 bathrooms. Dishwasher. Not to mention the mountain views. And Sean! It was hard to leave :-(

Looking down from master bedroom balcony  into the livingroom

5. I finally go through "The Help". Not because I didn't enjoy it. It was hard to find a time that I could read more than one or two paragraphs without interruption. I've read some paragraphs four or five times.

6. Maggie loves tobogganing. We went on the weekend while visiting Sean and got to try out our new Zipfy's we got for Christmas. So. Much. Fun.

7. I wonder how many people break into Calaway Park during the off season and try to go on rides

8. There's been several pins going around on pinterest about how to quickly and easily hem your jeans (or any other pants) without cutting, and keeping the original hem. Since I had a couple pairs of jeans I've been avoiding because I needed to hem them, and I hate hemming, I decided to give it a try.  Works great! I used this one here.

9. I just bought some new exercise videos. TURBOFIRE. Like the TurboJam one's I've been doing on and off for the last 5 years, but WAY WAY harder.

 10. I wonder how long we should wait for the insane long lines to die down before we go see the penguins at the zoo

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blueberry Zucchini Bread (with Crunchy Lemon Glaze)

I randomly decided to bake this this morning. I needed some baking therapy. And I changed the recipe a bit - added the lemon glaze, 'cause I thought it would be yummy.

Blueberry Zucchini Bread

3 eggs lightly beaten
1 cup oil
3 tsp vanilla
2 1/4 cup white sugar
2 cups finely shredded zucchini
3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 TBSP cinnamon
2 cups fresh blueberries

  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. Beat together eggs, oil, sugar and vanilla
  3. Fold in zucchini
  4. Mix the dry ingredients together and beat into wet mixture
  5. Wash blueberries and dust with flour (this helps stop the blueberries from "bleeding" into the batter - it's not a huge deal with the recipe as the batter is dark because of the cinnamon, but I just do it anyway)
  6. Gently fold dusted blueberries into batter
  7. Lightly grease and flour 4 small or 2 large loaf pans
  8. Divide evenly between all loaf pans
  9. Bake for appox. 50 minutes in the small loaf pans and 1 hour 20 minutes in the large loaf pans
  10. Place loaf pans on cooling rack for about 20 minutes to cool before removing from the pan to cool. 
Now you could just stop here. And Anise wishes I had. But I just felt that a blueberry loaf wouldn't be complete without a lemon glaze, even though there is no lemon in the recipe. So I just scrounged one up from here.It's different that your everyday run of the mill lemon glaze (which I like just fine) which is just what I wanted.

Lemon Glaze

2 lemons, juiced (about 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice)
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 cup powdered sugar

Mix it all together and drizzle over completely cooled loaves. Tip: Put a piece of parchment paper under the cooling rack before you drizzle the glaze. So much easier to clean up.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Kananaskis was great! I got a bit of scrapbooking done, got to visit with Med School/Residency friends, play games and take it easy.

Sean going for the goal (which he got) during the UofC vs UofA ball hockey game.

2. Last night for FHE we went to IKEA. We had dinner there and then took Kaden and Anise to the play area. They were sad when the hour was up, and disappointed that we still had half the store to go through. Anise has already requested we go back to play again.

3. Maggie was really sad that she didn't get to go in the play place, so Sean grabbed her one of the kids stuffies so she would stay happy for us to look around. Unfortunately she then proceeded to chew on and spit chocolate milk on it, so now it lives with us.

It suits Maggie quite well actually. One of her favorite words right now is "socks" so she is really excited that her stuffy has socks too.

4. We finally tracked down Kaden's winter boots, and returned the other ones

5. We had chicken tacos for dinner tonight. I got the chicken recipe from here. And the weather is so nice that we even got to BBQ the chicken, which makes it that much better!

6. Kaden requested that he not get his hair cut until the weekend because he wanted to have a mo-hawk this week.

7. Sean has already started getting the paper work in for his license - and we're hoping that all his numbers and privileges will come before he starts working in July. Yup, it takes that long.

8. Sean and I are booking a trip to Mexico in April. Our first tropical vacation! Anyone want to watch the kids for us?

9. Anise is convinced that the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books are really called "Diary of a Whoopee  Cushion" and we can't talk her out of it.

10. We got Anise's surgery date - April 19. Sean has explained everything to her about what is going to happen. She's excited for the Popsicle.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

10 on Tuesday (On Wednesday)

1. Last week the stomach flu continued making it's way through our house. First me on Wednesday, then Kaden on Saturday. It was H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E.! Last night was the first night that I felt like I could eat a real (small) meal. Kaden was of course fine by Monday morning.

2. I'm so glad that the cold weather didn't stick around for long.

This pretty much sums up the weather last week
 3. The week of cold weather froze a lot of water lines - including the one in the laundry/mail room in our court. So the washers are out of commission. Which means we have to go to the office to get a key for one of the other courts laundry/mail room, haul all the dirty clothes to another court, hope no one else is doing laundry and get it done before the office closes so we can return the key. Yay!

4. Sean really enjoyed playing in the hockey tournament on Saturday, and getting to spend time with friends from Med School. The kids and I did manage to swing by and watch one game before Kaden started throwing up (all over the arena floor)

5. Sean has an Emergency Medicine Conference in Kanaskis this weekend - and I'm coming along sans kids! Thank-you Mom and Dad Wilde! I just booked a facial at the spa and can't wait to have a bit of time off (especially after two weeks of throw-up fest)

6. After my facial I plan on getting some long overdue scrapbooking done. And some reading.

7. This morning I realized that we have lived in Calgary for almost 7 months, and I have yet to go to IKEA!

8. Maggie's favorite words right now are "juice" and "cool"

9. Kaden has brought home 3 or 4 different pairs of boots from school this winter because he doesn't know what his look like. A couple of them were 1- 1 1/2 sizes too small.

10. Anise has had some nasty kidney infections this summer - a couple requiring IV treatment. We now know that she has reflux, and that a simple 5 or 10 minute surgery can help correct it. We don't have an exact date yet, but probably sometime in April she'll have it done.