Friday, October 8, 2010

Your song

When Kaden was a baby I heard a song on the radio that I really liked. "I can't stop loving you" by Phil Collins (don't judge me). I was sitting in bed feeding him and it came on the radio, and the chorus just seemed to sum up what I was feeling. I just loved it so much, and would sing it to him whenever it was on the radio, and since it was a new song, it was on quite a bit. It became his song.

Then when Anise was born, I was in search of a song for her. I still really liked the Phil Collins song, but that one belonged to Kaden. Anise needed one for her. Shortly after she was born another new song came out that just fit for her perfectly. "All I can do (love you to pieces)" by Chantal Kreviazuk

Now that both Kaden and Anise had a song, the pressure was on for me to find one for Maggie. I even started perusing for one before she was born. And I just couldn't find anything that even almost felt like a song for her. Maybe I shouldn't be so picky and settle for Justin Bieber? But then yesterday my friend Amy posted a really great song on facebook. I listened to it, and really liked it. Then about half way through, it hit me as to how perfect this song is for Maggie. Thank-you Amy!  "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And now he's 7!

7 years ago today, my first little baby was born. I can't believe it's been 7 years!!!

Some things about him:

  •  he is amazing at sports. I mean really amazing. Basketball, soccer, golf (although he's only ever played mini), volleyball. You name it, he can play it. When he was about a year old we would have him throw his dirty clothes into his laundry basket from on top of his change table. He would get it in every single time. So we started moving it around his room to "challenge" him. Nope, still made every single shot! So we bought him a hoop.

  • he is Daddy's boy. Always has been. Given the choice, he would way rather have Daddy help him at bedtime, take him to school, help him with his homework etc. 

  • has a wonderful laugh - it's contagious. 

  • loves to fool around and be silly with Anise

  • is a great big brother to Maggie. He's been so patient with her and absolutely adores her

  • he is a great hiker. This summer Sean took him up to the top of Turtle Mountain, and he was a pro! 

  • is already a ladies man. Come to think of it, he always has been. Once when we went out to eat when he was about a year and a half he was making eyes and flirting with all the waitresses, but wouldn't give the time of day to our waiter! 

  • has a favorite stuffed animal named Puppy. It's a dog. 

  • he loves to hide and then jump out and scare people. He mostly does this to me because I scream the loudest. 

  • I am always finding evidence of his "self photo shoots" 

  •  has already mastered the art of picking on Anise (Maggie's been safe so far)

  •  loves to stamp and craft with me

  • would live on the toboggan hill if we would let him.  I'm pretty sure that he would also love skiing and snowboarding, if I ever get brave enough to go

  • had the patience this year to try fishing. Unfortunately, the fish weren't biting. 

    • gets car sick. We found this out the hard way on our trip to Utah this year
    • has a thing for balloons. Even the old, dead wrinkly ones with no air he wants to keep.

    • is such a joy to have in our family!
    Happy 7th Birthday Kaden! We love you!!