Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Yesterday Anise was crying and upset because she didn't want to be so old. Oh boy.

2. We have a ridiculous amount of snow. And it's snowing again.

3. Sean went skiing at Norquay yesterday (in the ridiculous amount of snow) during his day off. At about 4pm he sent me the following text:

4. Living in Student Family Housing is a bit strange sometimes. I think it's more noticeable to us because we are one of the only Canadian families here. For example, in the summer and early fall Kaden and Anise's friends would come over at 9pm to see if they could play. Yesterday, none of their friends could play because it had snowed.

5. Maggie is one chatty girl. She still "says" a lot that no one can understand, but her vocabulary is getting quite broad. "Bus" "House" "Mouse" (for Mickey Mouse) "Pooh Bear" "Boots" "Shoes" and "Socks" are just a few of her favorite words right now.

6. I'm trying to decide whether to sign both Kaden and Anise up for soccer, or just Kaden.

7. Saturday would have been a great day to go to the science center or zoo because we didn't have anything that needed to get done. Instead we stayed home in our PJ's and made mini donuts. It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

8. I think the kids toys multiply during the night. So does laundry.

9. Sunday is a really rough day for Maggie. We don't start church until 1pm - right when she is used to going down for a nap. By the time nursery rolls around, she is so tired she's loopy and can't/won't sit still. Makes it a bit hard for the nursery leaders (one of which is me), especially during lesson time. The last two weeks she's fallen asleep in her highchair before really eating any dinner. Poor girl.

10. I'm off to make a heating pad using the tutorial I found here