Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I booked our trip to Mexico!! So excited!!!!!

2. Kaden has been in cubs (which he loves) for 5 months and he still doesn't have a uniform because the new ones are back ordered

3.Me: Kaden, can you please help Maggie untie her cape
Kaden: No, I can't.
Me: It's just in a bow. You can untie those
Kaden: No. I don't know how
Me: Then how do you untie your shoes
Kaden: I just wait for them to come untied themselves

4.The house Sean is staying in during his Banff  rotation is BEAUTIFUL! Heated hardwood floors. Granite counter tops. 3 bathrooms. Dishwasher. Not to mention the mountain views. And Sean! It was hard to leave :-(

Looking down from master bedroom balcony  into the livingroom

5. I finally go through "The Help". Not because I didn't enjoy it. It was hard to find a time that I could read more than one or two paragraphs without interruption. I've read some paragraphs four or five times.

6. Maggie loves tobogganing. We went on the weekend while visiting Sean and got to try out our new Zipfy's we got for Christmas. So. Much. Fun.

7. I wonder how many people break into Calaway Park during the off season and try to go on rides

8. There's been several pins going around on pinterest about how to quickly and easily hem your jeans (or any other pants) without cutting, and keeping the original hem. Since I had a couple pairs of jeans I've been avoiding because I needed to hem them, and I hate hemming, I decided to give it a try.  Works great! I used this one here.

9. I just bought some new exercise videos. TURBOFIRE. Like the TurboJam one's I've been doing on and off for the last 5 years, but WAY WAY harder.

 10. I wonder how long we should wait for the insane long lines to die down before we go see the penguins at the zoo

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  1. #7 was my favorite :) hahahaha
    #1 - WHEN??!!!! AWESOME!!!!
    #3 :) hahahaha