Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. I'm not so great at this blogging thing...I'm too easily distracted by other things. Like laundry, dishes, dirty diapers, and staring glossy eyed at the TV after the kids finally conk out.

2. Anise and Kaden were having a conversation during dinner last week about Anise's eating habits...which if you know Anise usually consist of sneaking snacks all day, and then not being hungry at dinner, or refusing to eat a particular part of the meal, even if she loves that thing. Anywho, is was chicken she wouldn't touch and she insisted that even though she doesn't like meat (which she does) "I'm not a vegiterrier!!

3. Maggie will be turning 2 on Friday! Um, how did that happen?

 4. I'm so ready to be done residency. Not just because we get to move out of this closet house, and into our house in Lethbridge. Mostly because I can't wait for Sean's schedule to not be so ridiculously insanely busy! And I'm excited to move out of this closet.

5. I'm currently listening to Anise list all the reasons why she hates doing dishes, while she stands at the sink avoiding doing the dishes. #1 on her list: Because they're stupid.

6. Yesterday I made these lemon poppy seed muffins. SO YUMMY! You can get the recipe here

7. It really is a small world. I know this because Sean's sister is getting married to a guy I used to babysit. It makes me feel really old.

8. Despite my ancientness, they did ask me to do their wedding invitations for them. I was a bit nervous because although I can take pictures, I've never really sat down and learned all the ins and outs of "real" photography. So I just winged it, and had fun following them around, and telling them what to do. I think they turned out not to bad if I do say so myself.

This is the formal invitation that most people will get. 

This one they are giving to friends in YSA
9. Kaden competed in his first Kub Kar Rally this month. He was so excited to build and paint his car and race. Our stake even got a fancy new track this year. Kaden had a lot of fun, and made it to the quarter finals. It was so much fun to watch the races, and see all the neat designs the kids came up with.

10. Despite the wet rainy weather, Soccer was on tonight. We got there, and it was a bit drizzly so the coaches gave everyone the option to go home, or stay for a short practice. Every single boy except Kaden went home - what wimps! - so Kaden practiced with the girls tonight. And in the end the rain stopped about 5 minutes in to practice anyway.


  1. Love it, and I laughed so hard at that last invite!

    1. Congrats on being almost finished residency! And I live the invite for YSA friends! I wish I had thought of that. LOL

  2. Okay the YSA invite is a crack up. :) HA!! And I appreciate the joke on the top one - about the A. :) HA!
    And I am excited you are almost done too!!!!!!