Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Kananaskis was great! I got a bit of scrapbooking done, got to visit with Med School/Residency friends, play games and take it easy.

Sean going for the goal (which he got) during the UofC vs UofA ball hockey game.

2. Last night for FHE we went to IKEA. We had dinner there and then took Kaden and Anise to the play area. They were sad when the hour was up, and disappointed that we still had half the store to go through. Anise has already requested we go back to play again.

3. Maggie was really sad that she didn't get to go in the play place, so Sean grabbed her one of the kids stuffies so she would stay happy for us to look around. Unfortunately she then proceeded to chew on and spit chocolate milk on it, so now it lives with us.

It suits Maggie quite well actually. One of her favorite words right now is "socks" so she is really excited that her stuffy has socks too.

4. We finally tracked down Kaden's winter boots, and returned the other ones

5. We had chicken tacos for dinner tonight. I got the chicken recipe from here. And the weather is so nice that we even got to BBQ the chicken, which makes it that much better!

6. Kaden requested that he not get his hair cut until the weekend because he wanted to have a mo-hawk this week.

7. Sean has already started getting the paper work in for his license - and we're hoping that all his numbers and privileges will come before he starts working in July. Yup, it takes that long.

8. Sean and I are booking a trip to Mexico in April. Our first tropical vacation! Anyone want to watch the kids for us?

9. Anise is convinced that the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books are really called "Diary of a Whoopee  Cushion" and we can't talk her out of it.

10. We got Anise's surgery date - April 19. Sean has explained everything to her about what is going to happen. She's excited for the Popsicle.

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  1. did you tie something fluorescent to kadens boots so they wont be mistaken again?