Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're still alive!

So just in case anyone was wondering, we are still alive. We all survived the move to Lethbridge, and are mostly settled into our wonderful new house. There are still a few pesky boxes hanging around, but we've done pretty well considering how much we had. And for the record, I never want to move again. Not just because it's a total pain to pack, move and unpack; but because I love our house that much. It just seems so perfect. The kitchen is HUGE, and wonderful to bake in (I made 3 batches of buns in one week!) The bedrooms are good sizes, it has a gigantic backyard with a sandbox, and an attached garage. What's not to love? It's a little scary actually, because Sean is considering doing a third year for residency, and that would mean a year somewhere not here. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

We are settling in to our new ward nicely too. I just got called as a primary teacher for the 6 year olds. They had to split the class because there were so many fact I think there are more 6 year olds in our new ward than there were total primary kids in our Calgary ward! Everyone is really friendly and very welcoming. We look forward to getting to know everyone better :-)

I'll post more later when I've got a bit more time, but I just wanted to get word out that we are all alive and kicking!


  1. Yay for being almost unpacked! Where is your new house at? What ward did you guys end up in?

  2. Third year of Residency for Sean? He will just have to be a bachelor for a year, I guess. Maybe commute home on the weekends. ok ok, I won't worry about it now.

  3. Post pictures of your house :) Im glad its going well for you!!