Monday, October 5, 2009

Losing teeth and turning six

I can't believe it, but today my little Kaden turned 6 years old! How on earth did he get that old already? I just can't seem to wrap my mind around him being 6. Of course I'm still shell shocked that he's in Grade 1 this year too. Maybe it will all sink in around Christmas? Ok, Easter then. He had a party with friends on Friday at our house, which went relatively well and I survived thanks to my Mom stopping by to help out. THANKS MOM! Today we had my parents and Grandma over for supper and opened presents and had cake. He got spoiled (as he always does) and didn't want to go to bed because he wanted to try out all his new toys first.

Yesterday part way through the afternoon session of General Conference Kaden started giving Anise piggy-back rides around the living room. They were short little rides and she was enjoying it, so I let them have their fun. 10 minutes later they were getting a bit to rambunctious, so I was about to ask them to stop the rides, when Kaden slipped on the floor and fell backwards onto Anise. Heads cracked, limbs went flying, and the tears and blood began to flow. I ran to Anise first, since she was on the bottom and seemed to get the worst of it. Her mouth was bleeding, and she was crying uncontrollably. Kaden just seemed more shocked than anything. I ran Anise to the bathroom with a cold cloth to stop the bleeding. A minute later, I pull the cloth back to check her mouth only to discover her front tooth has been knocked partially out. A quick phone call to "Doctor Daddy" (that's what we call Sean around here) - and he comes to take her to Emerg where they pulled the tooth the rest of the way out. And where was I through the rest of this you ask? As soon as I got a hold of Sean, I started to feel queasy, and lightheaded. I had to sit on the floor and lean against the wall to stay upright, while I held Anise and waited for Sean to get home. Once he was home I crawled to my bed where I stayed for the next while. Sean coaxed me up so that I could come with him to Emerg (because I was obviously going to be so much help!), but it wasn't until this morning that I felt totally better. I've seen a lot of gross, bloody things before, but something about it being my kid made it so much worse and I just couldn't stomach it. I have to admit that I feel like a wimp - my husband is a Doctor, and here I was curled up the corner of Emerg trying my darnedest not to hurl while the ER doc and Sean took her tooth out the rest of the way. Apparently it was only hanging on by a thread anyway, so it pretty much fell out on it's own.

This morning I took her to the Dentist to check everything out. They took x-rays and found that a piece of the root is still in her gums, but he is confident that it won't cause any trouble for her. We'll go back once a year to have x-rays done again to check on it, but that's about all we can do for her. So for the next 4 years or so Anise will have a toothless grin:

My poor little girl :-(

At least she thinks it's kind of cool - for now. We'll see how she feels about it in a couple of years when she is sick of telling everyone that her older brother knocked her tooth out giving her a piggy-back ride when she was 3. And poor Kaden - his little sister gets a visit from the tooth fairy before him!


  1. Awww... I hope she is doing well. I know how you feel about not dealing with blood on your own child well. I do not do well at all with my kids being hurt. (see my last post)

  2. Ohhh, it's SO awful seeing your kid hurt! Brielle sliced her forhead open last year and I remember wanting to break into sobs at the site of the blood all over her! You are NOT a wimp, just a REALLY loving mom! Anise looks cute with her missing tooth... lucky she got the tooth fairy early.