Monday, January 17, 2011

Kind of left you hangin'

didn't I?

A couple posts ago I made a brief mention of Sean applying for a third year of residency. And I left it at that. Now I know there just has to be a whole bunch of you on the edge of your seats wondering and waiting to find out how this has turned out. Oh, come on. Just humor me.

I'll start at the beginning. Sean is currently in a Family Medicine residency. Family Med is always 2 years long, but as you may know several family doc's "specialize" in something - OBS/GYN, anesthesiology (thank-you spell check), emergency, surgery etc. In order for them to do this they must complete a 3rd year in that particular program. This means they must fill out applications, wait for interview invitations, go to interviews, decide which school they would like to go to most, and then wait to find out if they were accepted. It's kind of like med school and residency applications all rolled into one. It's very competitive. At least 60 people apply each year to any given school. The school usually interviews around 20 people for the 6 spots they have each year. Ya, you have to be good to get in. 

Sean decided that he really wanted to do Emergency Medicine. So he applied to both U of A and U of C - and got interviews at both. Hooray! And felt both interviews went well. So we decided that Calgary would be our first choice, and Edmonton our second. And then we waited to see if he would be accepted somewhere, and where that would be. All the while praying that whatever the outcome it would be what Heavenly Father wanted for us. And now we know. (have for a month now actually, but you know. It's been Christmas, and we've been busy)

drum roll please.........

Sean was accepted to U of C!!!

Wahoo! Way to go Sean!!

We're excited. And feel great about this chance for our family, and Sean.

Now comes the part where we have to trust that since this is what Heavenly Father wants us to do, He will provide a way for it to happen.

You see, we would like to stay in Lethbridge. Sean really liked the ER department here, and despite all the things that drive us (OK mostly me) nuts about the city we still like it. But Sean has a year of school in Calgary first, and that means packing up the family and moving to Calgary for a year. But we're not going to sell our house.We want to keep it - 'cause we like it too. And we are serious about coming back. But we also don't want to move all our stuff, twice. So here's the plan. We're trying to find a couple in Calgary who are going on a mission, or taking a sabbatical, or whatever and need someone to house sit for them - that would be us. We would then find someone here that could house sit for us for a year. Because this is really the only way we could afford to do all this (has anyone ever checked out rent for a house in Calgary!! EEEEP!) So if any of you hear of anything, please let us know! We would be eternally grateful.

So congratulations to my wonderful, amazing, talented, hard working husband! I'm so proud of you! 


  1. Yay!! You're not moving far away for forever!!! Oh wait, I did that... But now when we come up to Canada you won't be off in the random east or something!

  2. What!? I didn't know about this! Congrats you guys. Sounds like a great opportunity. I will keep my ear open for people interested in renting.

  3. Wow! Good for Sean. And you are totally right - you don't want to have to move everything twice. I hope you can find a situation like you are looking for. That would be so ideal.