Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1 boy + 1 girl + 9 years of marriage = ...

3 happy kids
from 3 different hospitals

2 basements and 2 houses
2 city to city moving trips
3 floor to floor moves in 1 house.
2 summer homes
3 wards, a whole mess o callings

5 jobs
2 degrees, 1 diploma, 1.5 years of residency
3 night classes
countless exams

4 TV's
5 Cell phones
9 Computers

102 gallons of aquarium space
4 frogs
Dozens of fish

2 mortgages
$ CENSORED in student loans and credit
funding 5 years of school
and 2 scrapbook rooms

1 flooded home
2 break and enters
2 buried grandparents
3 buried friends

4 vehicles
3 preschools
1 kindergarten
1 elementary school
5 seasons of soccer
2 seasons of dance
3 swimming pools of lessons

1 trip to Disneyland
2 flights to Vegas

1 van load to Utah
4 hotels
1 van load to Vancouver
3 campsites
Countless highway miles
6 hours with your head out the car window in a blizzard

 2 years of med school interviews
2 years of residency match interviews
2 years in Lethbridge
but not all at once
7 years in Calgary
one year at a time
7 years of "we'll know where we'll be living next year soon..."
and at least 1 more to come
9 years of hard work, laughter and tears
9 years of love
tied up with 1 Winter Solstice lunar eclipse
with uncountable years yet to come

I love you- happy anniversary!

*(This was composed by Sean, and was totally 100% his idea. I in no way had anything to do with the writing in this post, including but not limited to putting the idea in his head, or telling him he had to do this. Ain't he great?! I did however add the pictures.)


  1. What an adorable post, made even better by the fact that Sean wrote it! Happy anniversary you two! (I had to laugh at the line 7 years of "we'll know where we'll be living next year soon...")

  2. Love the post! Happy Anniversary you two! I love you both:) You've accomplished so much in 9 short years. Continue to enjoy the journey.

  3. yep loved it!! When reg read it he said man Sean out did me!"

  4. Well you should take some of the credit because I was just about to write that I love this post! Such a great idea! Man you guys have done a lot already just think of what's yet to come! Congratulations on 9 years and to many, many, more to come!

  5. Random comment for the day...okay so after chatting with you on the phone for like an hour and then visiting with you guys for like two hours I still didn't get your email address. Blurgh! Can you please email it to me? Pleeeaase!? Thank you!

  6. I love this post - Thanks Sean! One great couple, and a beautiful family! We love you all!!

  7. Good job Sean! Very cute post and I LOVE the photos.
    Haha, "funding 5 years of school and 2 scrapbook rooms" was my favorite line. And wow, 2 break and enters?!

  8. What a romantic! Next time I see you we should get our guys together so Sean can give Gray some pointers!! Happy anniversary!