Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And then she was 4

I can't believe my little Anise is 4 years old today!

---June 29, 2006 Anise Maline Wilde 5lbs 3/4oz.---

Some things about her: 
  • She is always smiling.  And laughing. If she's not, then you know something is wrong

  • She is great at just randomly coming up to me or Sean and telling us she loves us, and it always comes with a big hug

  • She is one stubborn child. Yes, this drives me absolutely mental 99% of the time, but I think eventually this will be one of her strongest features

  • She is a great big sister. Maggie is only 5 weeks old, but already Anise has shown an amazing amount of love, patience and understanding for her

  • She loves to dance. When she hears music, she HAS to dance. So much so that she can hardly control herself at church when the hymns are being played. On more than one occasion she has been seen dancing in the isle. 

  • She is a faithful and devoted friend. 

  • She is constantly saying the funniest things! Like "When we're done having a baby, can we get a dog?" or  "I'm a goofball!" - which would be a true statement. 

  • She LOVES chocolate. I mean really really loves it. She asks for some on a daily basis. But not just, can I have some chocolate - it's always "Mommy, I need some chocolate" 

  • She loves to dress up. At Christmas she got a bunch of dress up clothes from Kaden, and they were by far her favorite gift. 

  • She can throw one heck of a tantrum. I have a broken DSLR camera and two lens' to prove it. 

  • She has so much fun with Kaden. The two of them really just know how to be silly together

  • She was really sad when her tooth was knocked out. And not just for the obvious reason that it hurt a lot. She was concerned that her tooth was gone and she would forever have a missing tooth. She still asks me once in a while if her tooth is going to grow back, and when

  • She doesn't like to stay in the tub too long because she gets wrinkly. She's cried about it more than once (yup real tears), and asks me if she will be wrinkly forever. I told her not yet.

  • She loves to help Great Grandma Frache bake. She won't help me at home, but as soon as we go to Grandmas, she gets the apron out and gets to work

  • She loves anything furry. She is constantly asking for a puppy or kitty, and seems to have a magnet for seeing them while we are out. Come to think of it, she doesn't mind slimy either

  • She recently gave herself a haircut, and tried to discard the evidence. It could have been a lot worse! And now she has short hair

  • She is such a blessing to have in our family. We love you Anise!! Happy 4th Birthday!!!!


  1. I LOVE the photo of her in her ballet outfit from behind, totally boogy-ing! Too funny!
    Mmmm chocolate.

  2. What a fun post. She is a great little girl.

    Doesn't time just fly?