Thursday, January 21, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes....

Kaden: I have something to show you in my library book. It's really gross.

He gets out his book all about T-Rex, and shows me this page of T-Rex and another dinosaur in a rather graphicly bloody fight.

Kaden: See all the blood Mom? Isn't it cool?!


We have this plastic drawer unit that has wheels that can be put on. We have it sitting on top of a small filing cabinet, so the wheels are still in the plastic in the bottom drawer. The conversation with Anise went like this:

Anise: Gasp! What's in the drawer Mommy?

Me: Um, nothing, we don't have anything in that drawer

Anise: But I can see something! It looks like chocolate!

Me: Chocolate? We don't have any chocolate down here.

Anise (reaching into the drawer): But I can see it. It's chocolate!

Me (finally seeing what she had): Anise, those are wheels for the drawers. Not chocolate. You can't eat them.

Anise: It's chocolate Mommy! I love chocolate! It's my favorite. Can I have some? Please?!

Me: I promise you it's not chocolate. You can not eat the wheels

Anise: But I love chocolate so much! Please Mommy?!

This conversation continued for longer than you can imagine, her begging me to let her eat the chocolate (that didn't exist) and me desperately doing everything I could think of to convince her that these wheels were not in fact made of chocolate. We may have a bit of a chocoholic on our hands!!


  1. :) Anise and I would get along wonderfully.

  2. You should have let her try to take a bite. haha!

  3. But why AREN'T they made of chocolate? They ought to be.

    And the blood and guts thing? Crazy. Just like Carter at the Alberta museum over New Years. What is happening to our little boys?