Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And now we know

Many of you may be anxiously waiting the results of our most recent ultrasound. For those who aren't, just go ahead and skip this post. ;-)

We are having another little GIRL!

Now obviously no one can guarantee the gender until baby is born, and there's even more uncertainty with a girl predicted, but I'm still going to go along with it and get all the pink out again. I'm glad I get to use all the girl stuff Anise has accumulated again (and there's a lot!) and I'm even going to go ahead and make a girly baby quilt. I'm excited because it means that the girls can share a room.The one Anise is in just so happens to be peptal bismol pink and the biggest of the two kids rooms upstairs. Originally we were going to move Kaden downstairs and his room would be the new baby's room because his isn't big enough for his bunk, a crib, change table,dresser etc, but I've always felt bad about "banishing" him to the basement and giving his room away. So, assuming Anise can manage to not wake the baby up and vice versa this will be a perfect arrangement.

When we told Anise she jumped and did a little dance and said "Wahoo!" Kaden on the other hand looked a bit forlorn and said, "Ahh, I wanted a boy. I think we'll have a boy" We tried to console him, telling him that he wouldn't have to share his toys as much because a girl would want to play with Anise's stuff more, but he didn't buy it. He also quickly figured out that the girls will now outnumber the boys and wasn't too pleased with that either. Guess we'll see how this all plays out!

So that's our exciting news, and we'll just have to wait 'til D-day to see if we were right, or if we'll get a surprise after all.


  1. HURRAY for you guys! So exciting!!

  2. Little girls are fun, congrats!

  3. That's awesome! Congratulations you guys!

  4. Congrats Jen! I love having two girls! I'll have to see you sometime now that we live in the same city!! Hope you are feeling ok!