Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day. It's a special day that we remember those who have fought and are currently fighting for our freedom. I'm so grateful for these special soldiers and what they have and are doing for us. It seems that one day a year just isn't enough to convey how truly thankful we should be for their sacrifices. I am able to go shopping, take my kids to school, go to church, visit my friends and family and go for a walk whenever I want, and without fear of what I will find when I reach my destination or when I return home. I don't have to worry that someone is going to come for my husband or other family members, never to see them again. How we take this for granted! I wanted to share this video, listen to the words; it made me cry (it's not just the pregnancy talking either) So for any veterans, soldiers, military personnel and their families out there: THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU!

1 comment:

  1. I'll skip the video, I've seen it at a few R. Day school assemblies over the years and don't feel like crying today haha.
    Yep, we are so blessed and I am grateful!