Friday, July 24, 2009

Kim said...

oh my goodness! She looks so grown up with her hair cut short like that! I bet the hairdresser was sad to lop it all off! Does Anise like it? Do you have to do double takes every time you see her now?

Actually, the hairdresser had to kind of talk me through the whole thing...I was getting a bit teary. She had to keep reminding me that hair grows back, and if she isn’t letting me brush and do her hair, then it’s not as nice as it could be etc. etc. She put it in a pony tail, and then cut that off, so I have that to keep for her baby book. She was really nice.

Anise loves it! She keeps talking about how much fun it was to get her haircut, and asks when she can go again. So, now I think I need to keep a close eye on her and the scissors!

Later that day, when we were at the spray park (again) I kept having small heart attacks because I kept looking for her after I had seen her because I didn't recognize her with short hair. I’m getting better, but still takes me a bit to clue in it’s her.

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