Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SOLD! and other great things

Well, it's Conditionally Sold and we're so very excited!! The story of it selling is nothing short of a miracle, which I will post on here when I've got a bit more time. We've been living here for 7 years (has it really been that long!?), so we'll miss being here, but we're excited to move on. Possession is June 15th, so we've got to get a move on finding somewhere to live in Lethbridge. We're going down on Friday to do some "shopping" - this time Sean's coming with me!

--Our home for the past 7 years--

Next bit of good news is that Sean is officially done Medical School!! He wrote his licensing exam on Monday. Next week is convocation and the banquet. I'm so proud of him. He has worked so hard the past 3 years, and is now enjoying the well deserved break before residency begins.

--Celebrating with sparkling raspberry juice--

We had an impromptu yard sale last weekend. We've gone through the house and had a large pile of things we wanted to sell. The weather was so fantastic last weekend that Friday night after the kids were in bed, Sean and I pulled everything out of storage and priced it. It was a great success - we got rid of almost 3/4 of our sale stuff and made over $70 to boot!

--Anise modeling a booster seat at the yard sale--

The kids have been anxiously waiting for the flowers in the front flower beds to bloom. Every day we go check them out to see how close the buds are to blooming. So last weekend when the daffodils made an appearance, Kaden was really excited to take care of them.

--Kaden the gardener--

We seem to have a lot of boxes around our house these days (I can't imagine why) Anise is of the opinion that they are here solely for her entertainment, which is fine with me, as long as she doesn't empty the ones that are already filled!

--Anise's new favorite place to hang out--

Yesterday, Sean took the kids bed shopping. Kaden has been sleeping on the bottom of a bunk bed for the past 3 years. We've never gotten a mattress for the top because I didn't think he was old enough to sleep up there and it was the best excuse as to why he couldn't sleep up there - there isn't a mattress for up top - well, I've finally been convinced that he is big enough to handle being on the top bunk. In a previous post, I also mentioned that Anise had finally decided that escaping from her crib was fun. We managed to move some furniture around to make it more difficult for her, but we just couldn't put it off any longer. So, Anise, Kaden and Daddy hit Ikea and came back with an adorably cute bed for Anise, and a mattress for the top bunk of Kaden's bed. The kids were so excited they hardly slept last night! They both woke up incredibly early this morning too. We hope this lack of sleep doesn't continue too long! Cranky 2 year olds are NO FUN!

--Kaden's top bunk--

--Anise's "big girl" bed--

Anise also got into the markers this week. Now normally this would mean she would be scrubbing the floor, or the walls, or her hands free of marker. This time however, she decided to give herself a makeover of sorts....

--I think this speaks for itself--

So this month is going to be a busy one! This weekend we are going to Lethbridge to find a house. Next weekend is Sean's convocation and banquet. The week after that Sean and I are going on our trip to Vegas (Yay!! Kid free vacation) and the weekend after that Sean is doing his ATLS course and I'm going on my yearly Mommy's weekend away with friends!! All this on top of taking Kaden to school and all that entails, laundry, eating 3 times a day, cleaning up from eating 3 times a day, keeping the house clean, packing, church get the idea. You don't even want to know what our June looks like already!


  1. Congratulations on selling your house! I can't wait to hear the story. Also, you kids are adorable. Stories about them crack me up! I think Anise has a future as a make-up artist!

  2. that picture of Anise is soooo funnny. Enjoy Vegas!!!! And good luck finding a house this weekend!!!

  3. Hey!!! I didn't know that you had a blog! It's great to find out what you all are up to! Congrats on moving to Lethbridge! I'm jealous! You're kids are getting so big! Hope to see you this summer maybe!