Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MIA - Please buy my house

So I know I've been missing for a while, but we've been busy!

We've spent a lot of time getting our house ready to sell..I mean a lot!!! We've literally gone through everything in our house and decided what to keep, pack, sell or give away. I knew we had a lot of stuff , but it was ridiculous to see it..stuff just kept coming out of closets, and boxes! It was crazy!! We've been in this house for 7 years, and we seem to have spent the entire time seeing just how much stuff our house can really hold. It felt great to go through everything and purge though. A big Thank-you to my SILs who helped me go through my kitchen, the rest of the ILs who helped get the yard ready to sell, and the second councillor in the bishopric who supplied us with endless boxes! We couldn't have done it without you!

So now our house is officially listed (ourselves) We decided to try on our own for a bit, and save ourselves the realtor fees/commission. We've had a few people take a look, but so far, no serious offers. Here's our listing:

And seriously, if you know anyone looking to move to Calgary send them our way! The kids and I would really really like to move to Lethbridge with Sean.

Right now Sean is studying like a mad man for his licensing exam on May 4. Like, right now while he watches the Vancouver - St. Louis hockey game. He was at school all day studying too, so I guess a little hockey-studying is OK ;-)

I'm also really looking forward to our trip to Vegas in May. We decided after all this crazy house stuff and studying the two of us could use a little time away. I'm really hoping that the house sells before we go - it will be so much easier to relax if we don't have to worry about that. We've gone all out and are staying at The Mirage! It looks pretty swanky! I just have to say the beds better be comfy, and the blinds able to block the light, because I plan to spend at least one whole day catching up on sleep! After that I plan to spend as much time as possible shopping and being outside in the warm warm sun, either in or beside a pool. Sean doesn't know I've been searching for scrapbooking stores in Vegas - I guess he does now! Hi Sean, love you lots!! I wonder how much stuff I can squish in my bags before I go over the weight limit?


  1. Good luck with the house! Have a great time in Vegas. Just take an extra carry on bag with you on the way down for all your scrappy supplies. haha.

  2. Hope your house sells soon!!!! And your trip sound faaaaaaaannnnnnnncccccyyyyyy!

  3. Aww Jenn I wish I could buy your house cause then we'd be moving back to Canada! How about this, you find Joel a job in Calgary and then we'll buy your house! Sounds like a good plan to me :). Good luck to Sean on his exam, and I hope you guys have fun in Vegas!

  4. p.s. this morning Wyatt turned the radio on to this oldies station and even though it was a different song playing, I got the song "Hot Town, Summer in the City" in my head. I have to admit I may have done our old dance as well, Wyatt seemed to enjoy it!

  5. I checked out your house posting and since I MLS-stalk regularly, a few things that I have seen on other postings that you might want to consider mentioning just in case people don't know the area: 1. that you are really close to a playground and green space (the park down the road from you on 60th)
    2. in walking distance to schools of all ages (public and separate) and
    3. close to shopping centers (all kinds too!) as well.
    4. You could also mention it has really good access to Deerfoot Trail and other main roads, as that seems to be a thing for some people.

    Good Luck!!!
    When are you going to Vegas in May? That sounds great!