Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm going CRAZY!

Yup, I'll admit it. I'm going to go nuts. When, you ask? Probably really soon. Like maybe later tonight. Why? Where do I start?

Sean is ALMOST done Med school! As in, he has 3 more days of work left. However, this translates into 60 hours of work...when I say days, I mean the whole darn day and night. Tonight is one of those all day all night deals. It's called call. To us it means Daddy calls to say goodnight to everyone, as long as he isn't busy somewhere at the hospital. Call sucks.

I went to look at houses in Lethbridge last week. Just to "see what was there". Problem. I found the house I would LOVE to buy. I mean LOVE. We have yet to sell out house here in Calgary. OK, no big deal...just get the Calgary house cleaned up and ready to sell. Problem. The children seem to follow behind me and destroy any progress I've made of any sort in each and every room I clean. Including the bathrooms! AGGGGGGHHHHH! I have been able to take pictures of most of the house, but it only looks like that for the 2 minutes it took to take the picture, and then the kids noticed a clean area. I feel like we will never get the house in order to sell, and Sean will have to move in with my Grandma in Lethbridge, and the kids and I will be stuck in Cowtown forever, because no one is going to want to buy our house.

Anise keeps fooling me into thinking she wants to be potty trained. She gets all excited about her princess underwear, tells me she won't pee on them etc. etc. Fast forward 3 hours later. She has peed in 4 pairs of underwear, gone through just as many outfits (because somehow manages to get her shirt wet in the process) and just as many socks because she refuses to go barefoot. She refuses to sit on her potty, or let me hold her on the toilet and won't do it herself. She won't just walk around naked, or with just underwear on, and I can't just sit at home and wait for her to "get it" because I have to take Kaden to and from school everyday. I hate potty training.

Anise has also figured out how to climb in and out of her crib. Now, I've known for a long time that we have been on borrowed time with keeping her in a crib. However, this now means that we have to get her a big girl bed. Which to me, translates into another piece of furniture to move. Not to mention, when the heck are we going to get to a store to buy one? Husbands just getting off call don't appreciate being ushered anywhere other than his bed, or being asked to watch the kids so the wife can go bed shopping (especially when it's not a bed for him).

So there you have it. 4 good reasons why I'm going to go nuts. The fact that all 4 are happening at the same time makes me wonder how I'm not already in the nut house. Must be divine intervention.


  1. I have great ideas to solve one, maybe two right away.

    #1 Don't buy Anise a bed right now. Make her a bed like Lurel had. She liked it just fine, for a long time.

    #2 Abbandon the potting traing, until you are settled. It will likely become undone when you move, anyways.

    hang in there.

  2. You're mom is a smart lady Jen! How exciting that you guys will be done school. Joel's done in a month, it's kinda weird to think about being real people again, eh?

  3. Oh that sucks! I'm sorry everything is so stressful. It'll probably be this way for a few months. Lucky girl. But there will be an end point. What's your dream house like and where's it located? Hopefully your mom's suggestions will releive some stress.

  4. Sounds like your Mom had some great advice! Let me know if I can come help you with anything one day!

  5. hmmm did you just sum up my current condition AS WELL!!! Reg is also on crappy call every day. Nothing like dragging the pain of med school out EH!!!! Hope you get your house all ready to sell. We are going down at the end of the week to look again. Only 3 more days.... only 3 more days.... WE CAN DO IT!!!!!