Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Sean got home from Lethbridge on Saturday afternoon. It's so nice to have him back. And it means he has only 4 more weeks of out of town time left. Yay!

2. I know we were getting spoiled with warm winter weather, but BRRRRR! Did it have to get THIS cold all of a sudden! I don't appreciate the -40 windchill

3. Last week was a week of sick for us. First Anise, then Maggie and Me. Kaden somehow missed it...lucky boy.

4. My eyes (and meal idea's) were bigger than our fridge this week. Luckily the weather has provided us ample cold storage space on the deck...maybe a bit too cold. 

5. Kaden joined the Young Engineers Robotics club at school. The first meeting is today at lunch and he was so very excited to design and build robots today.

6. My eye finally stopped twitching

7. Sean is playing in the 4th Annual Kimmett Cup Pond Hockey tournament this weekend. The good news is a couple of the games are at the arena, and the forecast-ed high for Saturday is now 0, and not -18 like it was a couple days ago

8. I should be doing laundry today, but since I have to haul everything over to the  laundry/mail room to do it, and it's so cold out today I think I'll make cookies instead. Or maybe I'll just eat the cookie dough.

9. Maggie is one busy kid. She's at that age where she is into everything all the time, and you just want to duct tape her to a chair for 10 minutes so you can catch your breath. Or give her your phone to play with and hope she doesn't buy or delete too many apps while you quickly run to the bathroom. Alone.

10. Despite the new windows, our house is VERY drafty. So I'm thankful that gas and electricity are included in rent so I can crank the heat - 'cause it's cold!


  1. Eat half the cookie dough, and bake half the cookies to warm it up! :) Also, I'm pretty sure you have an engineer (or some sort of scientist) on your hands in the future! Miss you guys!

  2. hmm i think cookies are in order for me too! And Alden would LOVE that club!!!