Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. We had a wonderfully fun and relaxing Christmas break in Lethbridge. It was nice to spend some time with friends and family - AND we got to see Sean!

2. Maggie needed some bribery (good thing Santa has candy canes) but she eventually would stand close enough that I could get a picture

Santa trying to bribe her
checking out the man in the red suit
finally got a picture
3. My left eye/eyelid will randomly spasm several times a day for over 3 weeks now. It's driving me CRAZY!

4. We miss the Steed's....a lot! So glad that we got to spend a day with them over Christmas break. We can't wait to move closer so we can take over their house on a regular basis again.

Maggie and Eli picking their noses....a match made in heaven
 5. Sean will be doing out of town rotations for only 8 weeks in his third year - way better than the 8 months in his second year. AND because of the kids school schedule we get to tag along for almost 3 of those weeks!

6. I have a long long list of projects that I want to do this year. Unfortunately most of them involve our house in Lethbridge, so they'll have to wait until we get back...and I'm getting antsy

7. I'm making these this afternoon. YUM!

8. My BIL gave us some awesome knives for Christmas this year. Like real professional chef knives. They are awesome!  I've only sliced my finger open once - nice clean cut.

9. I bought some Amy Butler fabric (for $7-$8/meter!!) and this book to make a quilt for our bed. I can't wait to get started!

10. I'm taking another stab at Project Life this year, and if you want to follow along you can here

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  1. Yipee on project life!!! And we miss you so much too!