Thursday, July 29, 2010

What we've been up to so far this summer

We are in Crowsnest Pass for the summer and doing a lot of fun things!

---First family picture. Taken on our deck with Turtle Mountain in the background---

---Anise gets to sleep in a giant bed!---

---He's such a monkey!---
---Anise riding a buffalo. Only in Alberta can you ride a buffalo at a children's playground---
Sean's parents had the six oldest grandchildren for a week of fun at their house, so it was just the three of us for the week. We had to stay busy, so we wouldn't miss the kids. Ya, that's it.

---all ready to go for a walk in the woods---
---hanging out on the blanket, trying to keep the bugs off---

---finally had a chance to take a picture of the two of us---
---all ready to go inside the Bellevue Mine---
---only 2 degrees inside. Brrrr---
---Maggie being safe inside the mine---

---Maggie got to meet Beaker---

With the kids back, we went on some more adventures

---putting a puzzle together at the Frank Slide Interpretive Center---
---Anise lost!---
---learning about how they measure movement of Turtle Mountain---
---climbing on the rocks from Turtle Mountain---
---beautiful scenery---
---in 10 years they'll wonder why I let them make faces in all the pictures---
---in a field of daisy' favorite flower---
---Anise got a bit tired on the hike. She asked why we were walking so much. Um, 'cause we're on a hike?---

---Lundbreck Falls---
---watching the birds along the river---

---the best part of the spray park....the puddles?!---
---Anise keeping her distance from the water guns---
So that's how we've been keeping busy the last little while. And we have so much more planned!!


  1. Well THAT'S where you've been! Is Sean doing a rotation there? And how much longer will you be there?

  2. Sean has a two month rotation here and we're lucky enough to come with him. He finishes the end of August, so we'll be here until a couple of days before school starts.

  3. Sounds like a cool summer! Have fun! Hopefully we'll see you guys sometime this fall.

  4. I love summer fun. I just love it. How did it go so fast? Seriously, it feels like grade one just let out, and now they are two weeks into grade two???

  5. Seriously, Maggie is one of the cutest baby girls I have ever seen!