Monday, May 10, 2010

The waiting game

I once again find myself playing the waiting game. I'm getting really good at it. Or at least I should be, I've spent so much time doing it.

It all started when Sean decided that Med school was the way to go. So he studied for the MCAT, and then we waited for his scores to see how he did. They were of course amazing, so then he applied to Med school. And we waited to see if he got interviews. Once interviews were done, we waited to see if we had any offers. He was put on the wait list, so then we waited for a job to come around that we could live off of for at least a year since his other one was ending soon. Then we went through the application process for Med school again, and waited for interviews, then waited for offers.

At the same time we were waiting for Anise to be born. This time Sean received a few different offers for Med school, and ultimately decided on Calgary - partially because we were already living there, and Anise still hadn't made an appearance, and really, who wants to move with a new born? That decision made, Anise arrived 10 days late, and 2 weeks later, Sean started Med school.

The next couple years were fairly predictable (at least as much as they can be with a husband in Medical school), but then it was time to think about residency. Applications were filled out and we waited for interviews.

Then the worst waiting of all began. You see, the residency match, or CARMS process is all about making Med students and their families as stressed out as possible. Once you have an interview somewhere, that place gives you a rank based on your application and interview. You also rank all the places that you had an interview at based on where you want to go, the programs strengths vs. weaknesses, etc. Then all this ranking info is submitted to the CARMS system and some rocket surgeon has devised some sort of algorithm to match everyone up with a program, and fill all the programs spots available that year. So, you submit your preferences, and then wait 'patiently' for 2 weeks while some computer figures out where you will be spending the next 2-5 years of your life. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Most people, when they get matched can then start making plans to move, looking for a new place to call home etc. However, we got to wait, yet again. In the Rural Alberta South (or RAS) residency there are two cities that are considered your "home base" - Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. So, after we matched to RAS, we then had to do an 'internal match' to one of those two cities. Basically we had to email one of the directors with our sob story about why we needed to be placed in Lethbridge over Medicine Hat. But we still had to wait for the list to come out. After another week or so of waiting, we finally had a confirmation that we would be coming to Lethbridge!

We put our house up for sale in Calgary, and started looking for one here. We had to wait for our Calgary house to sell, then wait for our offer on a house to be accepted, and the mortgage and everything to go through. Then we had to wait for possession day, which was actually a month after Sean started residency.

Almost one year into residency, we find ourselves waiting once again. This time, for baby #3. I'm a mere 5 days away from my due date, and wondering how much longer I'll have get to be pregnant. Kaden was 2 weeks early (odd for a first born), and Anise was 10 days late (odd for a second born). So, it's really up in the air as to when this one will come. Basically anytime between now and the end of the month is fair game. Which kind of makes me cringe. But just in case I'm fortunate enough to not have to wait that long, I've got all the clothes washed and folded, the car seat and stroller are all together and ready to go, I bought two giant boxes of diapers (they were on sale for a great price!), we have 80 frozen meals in our deep freeze (Thank-you again Mom and Lurel!), I've made way too many blankets while at Grandma's house, and my hospital bag is packed and ready to go.

Now I all have to do is hurry up and wait!


  1. Here's my advice for you Jen, when you go into labour, don't WAIT to go to the hospital! Our friends have started a trend of having babies in bathrooms, and I think you should be the one to stop the curse! Good luck with everything, I know you'll do great :).

  2. 80 meals in the freezer?? Wow!! You should share some of the recipes you used.

  3. Great post Jen! The waiting for baby is always crazy cause there's no way of knowing when the wee one will choose to make their appearance. I hope it isn't too long. Based on Kaden and Anise I say she'll arrive right on time. haha! Can't wait to hear the news! Hang in there!

  4. Ah I can relate to MOST of this post. :) I've also waited a lot for things. And now I am waiting for you to have that baby hahahahahahaha

    ps CUTE new blog look!!! LOVE it!

  5. i agree waiting sucks it doesn't teach me patience like its suposed to

  6. I hate waiting! You must be such a patient person! ;)

  7. I know I need to be more patient. You must have the patience of Job by now.